Small business VoIP phone systems
that work out of the box

The way phone systems for small to medium businesses operate has been changed forever – through small business VoIP.

With the rollout of NBN, Telstra copper cable services are becoming a thing of the past – and that includes services carried over the existing Telstra cable network with any provider.

With a Cloud PBX there’s no need for a physical connection to a traditional phone company, or for multiple phone lines into your business premises.

For On-Premise phone systems, a SIP ‘trunk’ is virtually installed over your NBN internet connection, and is then remotely connected to the phone network by our technical team.
However, changing your business phone system to the NBN is not automatic when the rollout happens.

You’ll need to arrange your business VoIP phone service with a provider like Comsource that delivers it over business-grade broadband.

A trusted partner
for your business VoIP phone needs.

Comsource specialises in helping small to medium Australian businesses connect to Cloud or On-Premise phone systems that harness the power of VoIP and SIP.

As a trusted partner, we provide a safe pair of hands to update your business phones. Unlike other providers, we pre-configure and test all of our phone systems in-house before they’re couriered to your business. All you need to do is take your handsets out of the box and plug them in!

And if your business is already on the NBN, switching to Comsource is a simple process that comes with substantial savings on your monthly phone bills.

All of our technical support is Australian-based so you can avoid the run-around, and with the lowest pricing in the industry, we help SMEs keep costs down.

Simplifying and future-proofing
your phone system.

We tailor your phone system to match your business – not only for today but for tomorrow – so you won’t need to update to new hardware for features that come along in the future. Growing your team as your business grows? No problem, new phone numbers can be added within days.

Your business can also access premium phone functions that were previously only available for large corporations – without the huge price tag. Comsource’s small business VoIP PBX phone systems provide access to features such as phone greetings, hunt group, auto-attendant, 4G backup, and online fax – all delivered via the Cloud.
When you grow, we’ll help you increase the number of phone lines coming into your office – all done remotely without the need for an IT technician.

We can also consolidate all your business phone, broadband, and 4G mobile services into the one bill, to streamline your operations and provide even more savings.

Cloud PBX full feature phone systems

Voicemail to email

Receive your voice message via email wherever you are so your customers never hear a busy tone

Customised greeting

We create a customised menu for incoming calls and a customised after-hours message, including music on hold

Mobile twinning

Pair your mobile phone with your desktop phone to ring at the same time as desktop or divert

Integration to multiple sites

Manage all your locations on one phone system

Broadband and phone bundle

Unlimited broadband 25/5 MBPs

Fast upload and download speeds help you compete in today’s cloud-based environment

Unlimited local & national calls (Calls to Mobile 20c per minute)

No more bill shock – stay on top of your cash flow with fixed monthly fees

HD Yealink desktop business phone

State of the art, easy to use, high definition handset

Full function business softphone

Say goodbye to physical handsets

Your computer or smartphone is your handset!

Set up and working in 3 days

The quickest way to start answering your business calls

Mobility – all you need is internet access

Take your business phone wherever you go. Perfect for remote workers, sales teams and flexible workspaces

Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide
based team and support you can count on.

Works out of the box

We test your system in house before courier dispatch so you don’t need a technician. Simply unpack, plug it in and start calling.

Australian based
tech support

Whatever your query, you'll get direct access to our friendly Australian technical team. All data is processed and stored within Australia to guarantee industry compliance.

SME experts

We talk to small and medium sized businesses all day every day. As the leading Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney-based hosted PBX provider, we understand your needs.