4G backup

Say goodbye to network interruptions with a 4G backup modem
that kicks in should your primary broadband fail.
4G Backup Modem

Backup modem

From $286
Hardware paired with a 4G mobile plan
Minimum Contract Term 24 months. Total Minimum Cost $720
Perfect backup to ADSL or NBN primary broadband
No setup required, plug and play out of the box
Up to 100GB data per month (see our 4G plans here)
Automatically activates 4G when needed
Ideal solution while you’re awaiting NBN connection
Keep EFTPOS, phones and browsers operating during area outages
Removes operational vulnerabilities for SMBs
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Works out of the box

We test your system in house before courier dispatch so you don’t need a technician. Simply unpack, plug it in and start calling.

Australian based
tech support

No overseas call centres means that you get direct access to our friendly technical team every time you call. All data is processed and stored within Australia to guarantee industry compliance.

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We talk to small and medium sized businesses all day every day. As the leading Melbourne and Sydney-based hosted PBX provider, we understand your needs.