What is a Cloud PBX Phone System and How Does it Work

A Cloud PBX phone system, also known as a virtual phone system, is a communications tool that handles your business’ calls through VoIP.

A Cloud PBX phone system, also known as a virtual phone system, is a communications tool that handles your business’ calls through VoIP (voice over internet protocol). This is a centrally managed phone service for on-site devices like desk phones over the internet.

This system works in conjunction with your business phone numbers. Calls come through to a cloud-based server rather than a physical server-to-desk phone connection that requires installation by a technician.  

It’s also a more cost-effective and easier way for remote teams to manage their business communication. You can take calls on your desk phone, or divert the call to your laptop, landline, or mobile device if you’re away from the office. Your callers won’t notice any difference.

If you’re busy, the call can be directed to another office phone. Or, if you miss the call entirely, it can be diverted to voicemail. There are many other benefits that this system brings to your business.

Advantages of using a Cloud PBX phone system

1. Easy to set up

One of the biggest advantages of a Cloud-based phone system is that it’s easier to set-up than a traditional wired solution.

With a Cloud-based system, you don’t need to wait for a technician to install or change hardware, nor interrupt your office during technician visits.

Your Cloud PBX phone service provider can do it remotely, sending simple instructions that show you how to set up and use it. Comsource customers have the added benefit of a phone system that is pre-configured and tested to work out of the box, so all you need to do is plug the phones in.

2. Cost savings

An on-premise office phone system can cost significantly more than a Cloud-based system, and most basic packages don’t provide the features accessible to today’s businesses.

Before Cloud-based phone systems, many important and useful features were not available to your businesses without adding significant additional charges to your phone bill.

However, you can build a low-cost Cloud-based phone system with important features, such as:

  • Auto-attendants and custom greetings
  • Hold music while callers are waiting
  • Call routing to the next available support agent
  • Call forwarding to direct the customer to another team or department
  • Managed caller ID to keep your team’s personal mobile numbers private
  • Call recording for staff training and quality purposes

These features make a Cloud PBX phone system an ideal option for any size business. The cost is low enough for small business owners to afford, plus it contains every feature a larger business would ever need.

3. Flexible VoIP numbers

A Cloud-based phone system works across both mobile and VoIP connections. Your team can accept calls wherever they are through an internet connection. They just need Wi-Fi access or a 4G/5G connection.

Remote staff also won’t need a business device to take calls. Your cloud-based phone system can protect their caller ID and show your business phone number, so they can make and receive business calls without revealing their personal mobile number.

4. Take calls on any device

On-premise wired phone systems only allow your staff to take calls through a phone that’s wired to their desk. However, Cloud PBX phone systems allow you to take calls from any device, rather than being tied to a desk phone. That includes your:

  • Laptop or PC
  • Tablet
  • Wireless VoIP headset
  • Smartphone
  • Softphone app

Many business professionals already use multiple devices while working. A Cloud-based phone system can be used on all of them. You don’t need to purchase any additional equipment, nor be at the desk to take cloud-hosted calls.

5. Calls can be routed anywhere

Let’s say four of your team members work in your office, two work remotely full-time, and the other two are on the road and attend in-person meetings with clients. A traditional phone system would make it difficult for all eight employees to take business phone calls.

While the in-office team would be able to make and receive calls from their desk phone, those outside of the office would need to make business calls using a mobile number. That can become expensive.

A Cloud-based phone system stops all of those problems. Ask all customers to call your advertised business number. They won’t need to find mobile numbers to reach a specific person.

Those incoming calls are processed by a cloud-based server, which directs the calls to your different teams. It doesn’t matter which device your team members are using, nor where they’re located. They can take the call on any device just like a standard wired phone connection.

6. Easier team performance measurement

A Cloud-based phone system allows you to see which sales/support rep:

  • Spends the most time on the phone
  • Answers phone calls in the shortest amount of time
  • Has the same customers calling back for further support

Each of these reports help measure team performance, which is especially useful if you’re managing tens of call centre agents. You can refer to data to perform one-on-one performance reviews, and you don’t need to manually keep track of team members’ time.

You can access this data via the internet, and view real-time reports and call analytics through an internet connection on any device.

Is a Cloud PBX phone system right for your business?

Wondering whether a Cloud-based phone system would better suit your business than an on-premise system?

If your business fits any of the below criteria, it’s worth considering switching to the Cloud:

  • You’re paying too much for your phone system
  • You need to switch your phone system because of the NBN rollout
  • Your existing wired phone system is problematic, and you often wait days or weeks for a technician to fix it
  • You have staff working remotely (even if your entire team isn’t remote)
  • Some staff take calls at home or on the road.

With work habits changing, and businesses needing more features from their phone system, a cloud-based PBX is the way forward.

To find out if a Cloud-based phone system is right for your business, and to receive a no-obligation, tailored solution quote, contact Comsource today.

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