Mirror Your Office Phone System to Use at Home

Don’t just forward all of your business calls to a mobile. Instead, mirror your office phone system at home with easy set up Softphones.

Don’t just forward all of your business calls to a mobile when working from home. Instead, mirror your office phone system with easy-set-up Softphones.

Many Australian businesses are continuing to see staff working from home as a long-term prospect. We understand how important continuity with your business phones is during these times.

Support to use your office phone system at home

Our Softphone service can suit any business.

  • Your clients will have exactly the same experience when calling your business
  • Allow all your co-workers to work remotely and still be part of the team
  • Use line hunt, call transfer, IVR, music on hold, voicemail – just like at the workplace
  • Can be entirely set up from home; no workplace intervention required
  • Show your usual business number when making outgoing calls
  • You do not need to have already moved to VOIP / NBN
  • Can be set up and functional within 48 hours
  • Softphone App works on Mac or PC

Suitable for all businesses, those who have already upgraded to VOIP, and those still on PSTN.

Softphone package:

Use your office phone system at home during coronavirus
  • $22.49 (incl GST) per user per month, calls included*
  • $79 once off setup & programming fee
  • Minimum 3 handsets
  • Month-to-month, no lock-in contract
  • 48-hour rollout

How does it work?

Softphone use office phone at home

We mirror your office phone system by setting up a virtual copy in the Cloud. Instead of handsets on your traditional desk, you use a Softphone app on your home desktop / laptop.

Nominate a colleague to speak to Comsource’s technical support to design the call flow setup, and then download the app and let us do the rest.

No number porting is required because we supply temporary numbers to each Softphone. Outbound calls will still show your usual advertised business number, so clients and suppliers will think it is business as usual.

To arrange your Softphone set up, send us a message or call us on 1300 882 896.


*Calls to 1300 charged at 43c per call

Internet speed may impact call quality

Your computer will need a microphone and speaker

You may incur charges forwarding incoming calls to your Softphone phone system.

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